Super SOCO CPX (max. 90km/h)

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The Super SOCO CPX integrates a powerful Bosch motor, a keyless system, a front-rear disc brake as well as an electric braking system, all in a stylish motorcycle. The Bosch motor has a peak power of 4000 watts and can reach 90 km / h (50cc equivalent) and a range of 90 km on one battery, with the possibility of installing a second. With the maintenance-free motor and removable battery that you can charge anywhere, owning a motorcycle has never been easier. Available with a B license, this motorcycle is suitable for young city dwellers looking to get around town quickly while emitting 0 emissions. Available at a price of € 4,750 (1 battery included).

Data sheet

Maximum speed
90 km/h
Max power
4000 watt
Max Torque
150 Nm (750 rpm)
Battery Type
Battery power
Charging time
7 h
Max # of batteries
1975 x 720 x 1132 mm
Seat height
760 mm
Net Weight
115 kg